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Tell-Tale Signs
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Tell-Tale Signs overview

At FTH:K, we believe that an integral part of our theatrical journey is the need for continuous learning. Through mastering the skills to make and manage theatre, our Performer-Creators and Managers are empowered to be entrepreneurial and self-sufficient, and are constantly working to acquire new skills and pass them on to future performers, audiences and managers.

As for our training outside the company, we conduct most of our training through the 4-tiered Tell-Tale Signs Programme which has already won two awards for its work in empowering the Deaf and being a model of integration within the field of Arts and Culture. It targets four levels of development, and FTH:K's work with SLED and DCCT underpins the programme by facilitating effective communication between all of its participants.

Tell-Tale Signs

Overall, the skills covered by the Programme include:

  • Literacy: South Africa Sign Language, English Literacy
  • Theatre Making: Directing, Story Development, Working with a Cast, Theatre Styles, Live Performance
  • Theatre Education: Class Planning, Group Management, Development of Integrated Teaching Materials
  • Theatre Management: Computer Literacy, Language Literacy, Project Planning and Development, Basic Fundraising, Reporting and Reflection

The Tell-Tale Signs programme works on 4 successive levels:


Tell-Tale Signs