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Brydon Bolton
Brydon is relatively new to FTH:K’s team of collaborators having joined the team to co-create the soundscape in QUACK! Clearly he enjoyed it enough to come back for more for the creation of Womb Tide alongside his partner-in-sound, James Webb. He is the one you hear laughing above the rest of the audience and has been known to give Deaf children musical instruments just to record the sounds they make with them.
Christine Skinner
Christine has worked with FTH:K as a publicist since the first season the Company had in a mainstream theatre. She is at once a relentless publicist and a warm, generous person, and over the years has become a firm member of the family. Anything you see in the media about us, you can be sure she has had a hand in organising. What’s more, she really likes what FTH:K does!
Craig Leo
FTH:K has been wanting to work with Craig for the longest time but has never had a project that seemed appropriate for his skills. Enter Womb Tide. First onboard as the set and props designer, he also ended up designing and making the puppet (with the help of Cristina Salvoldi) as well as guiding the performers in puppet manipulation skills.
Daniel Buckland
Daniel has been a friend of FTH:K’s since university days when he trained under Artistic Director, Rob Murray, and drank tequila with Company Director, Tanya Surtees. Talk of collaboration had being going on for some time before he left for Vegas to perform with Cirque du Soleil, but on his return, he joined FTH:K for the creation of Womb Tide.
Dorian Burstein
Dorian is also known as CJ for reasons that cannot be posted on this website. Also an old Rhodent, Dorian has worked with Company Members Tanya and Rob since university, and joined the FTH:K creative team for to co-devise and perform in Pictures of You.
James Webb
Another award-winning collaborator of FTH:K, James first worked on Pictures of You creating the soundscape for the piece, before moving onto co-create the haunting soundscape for FTH:K's Afro-Gothic thriller QUACK! with Brydon Bolton. His newest contribution to FTH:K's rep is his work on Womb Tide, also with Brydon. He is at once clear of vision and totally nuts, a mix that suits the company and its work perfectly.
Janni Younge
The multi-award-winning Janni first worked with FTH:K on the LEVEL 1 Tell-Tale Signs Programme teaching Shadow Puppetry to Deaf learners. Since then, she has been a part of the creative team on FTH:K’s mask and puppet performances, most recently Pictures of You (winning a 2009 Fleur du Cap Award), and QUACK! (being nominated for a 2009 Fleur du Cap Award). She is an extraordinary talent and brings unique vision and craftsmanship to every project.
Jori Snell
Jori has been a part of FTH:K’s circle of performers and educators since before she relocated from Denmark to South Africa. She is now a part-time member of the company and has brought her extensive performance and teaching experience onboard many of FTH:K’s projects, most recently QUACK! and the Tell-Tale Signs Programme.
Kim Kerfoot
First off, Kim is a guy. Just to clear that up. He is also one of our newest collaborators having come on board the Womb Tide process as a performer and manipulator, and (for a bit of FTH:K trivia) he is the first person FTH:K ever employed through a formal audition process.
Leila Anderson
Leila came onboard to take design the costumes in QUACK! and did such a great job that she was called back to take care of the costumes in Womb Tide before heading out to Europe with her own work. Armed with a cupboard full of crazy jerseys, she brings a wealth of creativity to the characters she dresses.
Sam Reinders
Sam is also an old Rhodent and first worked with the company when their usual photographer, Toast Coetzer, couldn’t make a shoot. Since then, FTH:K has continued working with her - as the images on this site prove. She has an exceptional eye and an ability to organise herds of people in front of her lens.
Sanjin Muftic
Sanjin is the only Bosnian that FTH:K knows, yet still he is the one that they trust with all their video footage. A member of Yawazzi Productions, Sanjin is responsible for most of the most recent stuff on FTH:K’s YouTube channel.
Toast Coetzer
Another old Rhodent, Toast has worked with FTH:K from pretty much the very beginning. While most of the work he does for the Company is photographic, he is also a writer and wrote one of GUMBO’s first ever reviews in 2006. Besides being as cooked as any self-respecting Afrikaans photographer-come-writer-come-frontman-for-the-Buckfever-Underground could hope to be, his particular skill is in capturing unexpected, candid moments in his photos.
Tom Schwarer
Tom is a visual genius and is the only person that FTH:K has allowed near its design work since before its inception. Every poster, flyer, button badge, booklet, even website (including this one) is his design work. If Rob is responsible for FTH:K’s signature style of performance, Tom is responsible for the look of the brand. He’s a rock star.
Yusrah Bardien
Yusrah runs all our online stuff. She joined FTH:K in 2010 as Operations Manager during Angela's maternity leave and since then she's stayed part of the company, running the Iets Anders project at KKNK. A get-stuff-done kind of girl, you'll find her multi-tasking all of our social media and updating our website.


Deaf Community of Cape Town
DCCT is based at the Bastion for the Deaf in Cape Town and runs a number of projects annually for the local Deaf community. Of these, FTH:K is involved in its English Literacy Programmes which are attended by all its Deaf Company Members.
De La Bat School for the Deaf
FTH:K has been doing work with De La Bat School for some years, since its inclusion in the Tell-Tale Signs Programme.
Dominican School for Deaf Children
Dominican School has a very special place in FTH:K’s history, being the very first Deaf school that the Company began working with before even its inception in 2003. The programme there was the start of what is now the Tell-Tale Signs Programme and all of FTH:K’s current Deaf employees are graduates of this school.
National Institute for the Deaf
FTH:K has been doing work with NID for some years, since its inclusion in the Tell-Tale Signs Programme.
Noluthando School for the Deaf
FTH:K has been doing work with Noluthando School for some years, since its inclusion in the Tell-Tale Signs Programme.
Sign Language Education and Development
SLED is a non-profit, Deaf organisation whose purpose is the upliftment of the Deaf child through the creation and promotion of South African Sign Language programmes, services and materials. Any SASL training undertaken by FTH:K members happens through SLED.


Black Square
Black Square has been involved with FTH:K since before its formal inception, providing designs for all marketing materials ever related to the company! It also built this website.


Hearts & Eyes Theatre Collective
While being friends and supporters of FTH:K’s work, H&E is a formal collaborator through the CTE initiative, co-devising and running the annual CTE programme with FTH:K.
The Cape Town Edge
CTE is an initiative co-founded by FTH:K and Hearts & Eyes Theatre Collective. It was formed in 2007 to overcome some of the difficulties small-scale, independent theatre companies face when presenting work around South Africa, encouraging an ethos of collaboration as well as offering sponsors the chance to support a number of productions through one grant rather than having to choose between equally deserving performance pieces.

Past Collaborators

  • Jacob G Kirschner
  • Jesse Kramer
  • The HA! Man (Francois le Roux)
  • Jade Bowers
  • Cristina Salvoldi
  • Clive van Eyssen
  • Clare Louise Thomas