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The IPDP, or Integrated Professional Development Programme, is 10-month programme that offers Deaf and hearing trainees hands-on work experience in the skills necessary to pursue a career in the theatre industry. Trainees develop in the areas of Theatre Making, Theatre Management, and Theatre Education, while receiving remuneration for the duration of their training. As the IPDP utilises an 'earn while you learn' policy, it offers paid jobs in the Performing Arts field for Deaf and hearing trainees alike. The IPDP includes training at a professional level and is a 3-year programme, after which trainees either graduate from the company or are employed to fill positions in the professional FTH:K team.

Integrated Professional Development Programme

WHO: Deaf and hearing learners selected by FTH:K
AGES: 18 - 26 years
WHERE: Woodstock/Observatory, Western Cape
WHEN: Monday - Friday (full-time, weekly)
WHAT: Theatre making, theatre education, theatre management, theatre performance. The final 6 months of the year include the conceptualisation, development and rehearsal of a full-length integrated piece of theatre that is presented in a professional theatre venue in Cape Town at the end of the year.